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We offer a team-based approach to care.

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Forest Therapy

TUE MAY 18 - TUE 02

12:00PM - 02:30PM

Spend time in nature to improve your health and wellness!Many studies have shown that spending time in natural settings has important health and wellness benefits, such as: Physical Health Lowers blood…

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Back to School during COVID-19

As many children return to in-person learning this fall, we understand that the regular back-to-school excitement and nervousness is tempered by concerns, challenges, and questions about COVID-19 protocols.  Below are links to Ontario Health's COVID-19 Management in Schools document, as well as the Return to School updates from the DSBN and NCDSB.  If your child requires a COVID-19 screening test, please call Public Health for an appointment: dial 905-688-8248, then press 7.

Child and Youth Mental Health during COVID-19

What is considered an emergency?

Navigating the health care system can be confusing, especially when you are sick and just want to be treated. But different health concerns are best treated in specific locations. In fact, only the most serious illnesses and injuries should be seen at the Emergency Department. Most health concerns are best served at an Urgent Care Clinic or your family doctor’s office.

where to go when you are sick

What if I have to go to the Emergency Department?

Our healthcare team is committed to providing safe, quality care in a timely manner.


Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

We have implemented precautionary screening protocols for your safety and the safety of others.

If you have:

Please DO NOT come to the clinic.  Call our office for screening (905-734-9699 ext. 3).  Please self-isolate at home. We are not able to test for COVID-19 at our office but can refer you to the testing site.

Information about AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine

The AstraZeneca vaccine is being delivered by physicians to patients aged 60-64 in some areas, but not yet in Niagara. Our office does NOT currently have access to the vaccine, but we will update you when we do. There are now some pharmacies in Niagara that are providing AstraZeneca shots to people aged 55+.  Visit ontario.ca/vaccine-locations for more information about where and how you can book.

You may have questions about the AstraZeneca vaccine.  For reliable information about the AstraZeneca and the Johnson & Johnson vaccines, check out this link to infosheets created by the Centre For Effective Practice.

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